Solar Rising Partnership

Why Solar?

We often find that our customers are interested in solar for the same reasons they come to us for heat pumps, including lowering their utility bills and reducing their carbon footprint through electrification.  Air-source heat pumps run on electricity. When you have solar panels on your roof that generate more electricity than your home currently uses, you can put the electricity from your solar panels to work, powering your heat pump.  This can decrease or even eliminate your heating and cooling operating expenses.

Because solar is such a good fit for many of our customers’ projects, we’ve partnered with Solar Rising, to help our customers achieve their vision of a greener world and a more energy-efficient home.  Like us, Solar Rising is locally owned and operated right here on Cape Cod.  Working with Solar Rising allows us to provide more of the solutions our customers need.

The Solar Rising Difference

Solar Rising is a full-service solar installation company that provides photovoltaic (PV), electrical and complete maintenance services. They work on small- and large-scale projects throughout Cape Cod and across Massachusetts.

Attention to detail and maintaining a lasting relationship with their customers distinguish Solar Rising from the rest. Sustainability is a top priority for the company and for their customers.

As with heat pumps, there are numerous incentives available for customers choosing solar installations, including tax incentives, rebates, and 0% financing available through Mass Save.*  Solar Rising can explain the options and ensure you can take advantage of these cost-saving opportunities.

* See the Mass Save program for details and requirements.  Not all projects qualify for incentives.  Consult your tax advisor about state & federal tax credits.