LG Heat Pump Installation

If you’re having an LG heat pump installed soon, you may be wondering what to expect and how you can best prepare for a contractor to work inside your home. Cape Cod Heat Pumps is a trusted Massachusetts LG mini split dealer and our qualified HVAC consultants are well-versed in the ins and outs of installing these state-of-the-art ductless systems.

Below, we go over what happens before, during, and after your LG heat pump installation, and how to schedule service with us.

Getting an Assessment

Your LG heat pump installation starts with an assessment of your home or business. At this time, one of our team members will measure your space, see what kind of insulation you have, and factor in how many windows and doors there are.

Then, they will look at the layout of your space and consider your heating and cooling needs to determine the best location for the system and your thermostat. Ideally, your mini split will be on an exterior wall, away from doors, windows, and direct sunlight.

These measurements help our HVAC consultant choose the right model and size for your new system. It also helps identify any changes that need to be made to your weatherization, like adding more insulation in spaces where it has been damaged or worn away.

Calculating the Size of Your Heat Pump

One of the most critical parts of your LG heat pump installation is calculating the right size for your new ductless system. If your mini split is too big or too small, it won’t work properly to heat or cool down your space. Plus, it will use more energy than it needs to and there will be more wear and tear on your system. All of this creates issues that most ductless owners bought a heat pump to prevent in the first place.

When measuring your area, your HVAC consultant will determine how many BTUs of thermal energy your unit needs to produce to keep your home or business comfortable. We use manual J software to determine the sizing of every project we quote. Small apartments, offices, or houses with just one bedroom that are less than 1,000 square feet may only need a heat pump capable of producing 18,000 BTUs, while large spaces with multiple rooms need double or even triple that.

The Installation Process

Once the right equipment has been selected, you and your consultant will schedule a time for your LG heat pump installation to take place. Your consultant will then prepare the area by making small openings in your wall for the refrigerant lines to connect from the indoor unit to the outdoor condenser and creating a space outside for your condenser to sit. This may be done ahead of time if the ground needs to be leveled out or a concrete pad needs to be placed.

Then, your consultant will mount the unit and attach your thermostat to the wall in the most appropriate place before connecting the two together.

Testing Your System

After the installation process is complete, they will test your system to be sure that it functions properly and that all the features work as intended before leaving. This is a great time for you to observe how to operate your LG mini split and ask any questions you may have.

Cleanup, Warranties, and Rebates

Finally, your contractor will clean up the area and dispose of any trash. If you’re not keeping your old HVAC system and it wasn’t removed at the start of your installation, it will be now. The contractor should also provide you with a warranty card if it comes with your system and can help you fill it out with the make and model of your mini split. If there are any rebate forms to fill out, they should also be able to assist with this.

Cape Cod Heat Pumps – Your Trusted LG Mini Split Installer

At Cape Cod Heat Pumps, we strive to stay ahead of the technology curve, so we can offer our valued customers the most advanced heating and cooling options available on the market. That’s why we’re proud to be licensed LG heat pump installers.

Contact us today at 508-833-4822 to learn more about mini splits and the benefits of upgrading to ductless heating and cooling for your home or business. Or, call to schedule your LG heat pump installation quote and our team will come to you for a free estimate.