120+ Historical Facts About LG

As one of the leading electronics and appliance manufacturers in the world, LG has a rich history. Check out 120+ incredible historical facts about LG below!

Top Historical Facts About LG Year-by-Year


  • LG was originally founded before the Korean War under the name “Lak-Hui Chemical,” which was pronounced “Lucky Chemical.”
  • The company was created by South Korean business mogul Koo In-Hwoi and officially known as LuckyChemical Co., Ltd.
  • The first product the company produced was a cosmetic called Lucky Cream.


  • LuckyChemical established its first cosmetics and hygiene lab in Changsin-dong, Seoul.


  • LuckyChemical acquired Chosun Alumite Industrial Co.


  • LuckyChemical opened a factory in Beomil-dong, Busan.
  • The company was the first to produce plastic soap cases and combs in South Korea.
  • The company also introduced the first injection molding equipment in Korea.


  • LuckyChemical opened a factory in Yeonji-dong, Busan.
  • The company began to manufacture popular hygiene products, including laundry detergents, soaps, toothpaste, and other personal care products.


  • Lucky Toothpaste was trademarked.


  • LuckyChemical was the first South Korean company to become part of the global plastics industry.
  • The company also manufactured Korea’s first PVC pipe.



  • LuckyChemical created the first vinyl flooring.


  • LuckyChemical established an electronics brand called Goldstar Co. Ltd.


  • Goldstar registered its first trademark for electrical machinery.
  • The company also created South Korea’s first radio called the A-501.


  • Goldstar began to produce commercial laundry soap.
  • The company produced the first 4-tube and transistor radios in Korea.
  • The company also created the first 12-inch motorized fans. .


  • Goldstar created Korea’s first automatic telephone.
  • The company also sent four equipment engineers to the Japanese Hitachi factory for the first time.


  • Goldstar created the first cumulative electricity meter in Korea.


  • Goldstar opened the General Electronic Electricity Plant, which was located in Oncheon-dong.
  • The company also manufactured the first Korean EMD type automatic telephone exchanger.


  • Goldstar created the first domestic refrigerator.


  • Goldstar created Korea’s first 19-inch black and white television.
  • The company began to produce and sell synthetic laundry detergent called “New Hit” and “HiTi” for the first time in Korea.
  • The company also merged with Korea Cable Industry Co., Ltd.


  • Goldstar manufactured the first AM/FM radios in Korea.
  • The company also developed the first Korean shampoo called “Cream Shampoo.”


  • Goldstar created Korea’s first room air conditioner.
  • The company also opened the Yonam Library in the city of Jinju.


  • Goldstar created the first escalators, elevators, and washing machines in Korea.
  • The company established a semiconductor manufacturing company and produced the first Korean pump.
  • The company also established a division called Goldstar Telecommunication and received the Export Day Ceremony’s Bronze Tower of the Order of Industrial Service Merit.


  • LuckyChemical is listed as the first private organization on the Korean Stock Exchange.
  • The company also inaugurated its second Chairman, Cha-kyung Koo.
  • Goldstar received the Promotion Tower Award in the Precision Industry.
  • The company also reached a total of $10 billion in sales.


  • Goldstar created the first cassette recorder in Korea.


  • LuckyChemical changed its name to Lucky Co., Ltd.


  • Goldstar was the first to mass produce 19-inch color televisions.


  • Goldstar created the first electronic VCR in Korea and the first home mini computers.


  • Goldstar created the first Korean color video camera and projection television.
  • The company also established a color television factory in the United States in Huntsville, Alabama.


  • Lucky Co., Ltd. and Goldstar merged and changed its name to Lucky Goldstar Group.


  • Lucky Goldstar created the first 8-bit microprocessor in South Korea.


  • Lucky Goldstar opened the Lucky Economic Research Institute, which is now the LG Economic Research Institute.


  • Lucky Goldstar constructed the Lucky Goldstar Twin Towers, which is now the LG Twin Towers.
  • The company’s headquarters are in Seoul in the Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo District.
  • The company also established the first private science museum in Korea, then called the Yonam Science Hall and now known as the LG Science Hall.


  • An LG television ad was chosen as a finalist in the New York Festivals International Advertising awards.
  • The company also established the LG Academy and held its opening ceremony.


  • Lucky Goldstar created a professional baseball team called the LG Twins.
  • The LG Twins won the Korean Series Championship that same year.


  • LG’s Yonam Science Hall had over 1 million visitors.
  • The company also finished building the Ireland Design Lab.



  • Lucky Goldstar developed and commercialized the first Korean growth hormone called “Utropin.”


  • The LG Twins won the Korean Series Championship a second time.


  • Lucky Goldstar shortened its name to LG.
  • The company inaugurated its third Chairman, Bon-moo Koo.
  • The company also acquired America’s largest home appliance manufacturer Zenith Corporation.


  • LG opened its first website at www.lg.co.kr.
  • The company opened the first Korean e-library, called Sangam Library.


  • LG established the LG Sakers basketball team.
  • The company celebrated its 50th anniversary.
  • The slogan “Future’s Technology” was created.


  • LG opened the Busan LG Youth Science Museum, which is now called the LG Science Hall Busan.
  • The company created the world’s first 60-inch plasma television.
  • The company also won the Korea Advertising Awards’ grand prize.


  • LG won the IR52 Jang Young-shil Award for its highly concentrated laundry detergent “One Spoon Power.”
  • The company changed their slogan to “Digitally Yours.”
  • The company also created the world’s thinnest PDP.


  • LG established the LG Art Center.
  • The company debuted the world’s first refrigerator with internet access, called the Internet Digital DIOS.


  • LG established LG Life Sciences.
  • The company also created the world’s first 5th gen TFT-LCD production line.


  • LG Life Sciences produced a drug called “Factive” that is the first Korean drug approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.
  • The company debuted “Life’s Good,” their most popular slogan to date.
  • The company also created the world’s first 55-inch HD LCD television.


  • LG Electronics is chosen by Business Week as “World’s Best IT Company.”
  • The company’s “Bamboo Salt Toothpaste” also won an award from People’s Daily of China for “Best Korean Toothpaste.”
  • The company also developed a new card system for transportation in Seoul.


  • LG’s Whisen Air Conditioner is ranked #1 in the world for 5 consecutive years.
  • The company created the world’s smallest camera for mobile phones at just 6.4 mm.


  • LG created the world’s biggest 100-inch LCD screen.
  • The company debuted the world’s first photo frame air conditioner called the LG ArtCool.


  • LG created the LG KE850 or the LG Prada, which was the first smartphone on the market with a fully functional capacitive touchscreen.
  • The company won the “People’s Brand” award in Russia.
  • They created the world’s first electronic paper, called “Color Flexible.”
  • The company also became the market leader for drum washing machines in the United States.


  • LG launched their 3G data services.
  • The company opened a solar power plant in Taean.
  • They also won the Global Green Management Excellence Awards’ grand prize.


  • LG was chosen by General Motors as the exclusive supplier of batteries for the world’s first electric cars.


  • LG established a factory for electric vehicle batteries and became the sole supplier to Ford Motors.


  • LG launched their 4G data services.


  • LG was named the world’s best electric car battery provider.
  • The company’s diabetes drug “Zemigulo” won approval by the KFDA.


  • LG opened the largest data center in Korea, called the “LG CNS Busan Global Cloud Data Center.”
  • The company introduced the world’s first curved television.


  • LG became the official electronics sponsor of the Academy Awards ceremonies and furnished all of the monitors and televisions that were used.
  • The company manufactured the world’s first transparent and flexible OLED screens.
Visitors look at LCD TV sets of LG on display during the 2015 Appliance and Electronics World Expo in Shanghai, China, 13 March 2015.


  • LG won the Korea Creative Economy Awards’ Grand Award.


  • LG provided NASA with lithium-ion batteries for space suits.
  • The company won the Korea Technology Award.
  • They were the first to sell air conditioners with dual inverter compressor technology.


  • LG was chosen as the World’s Best ESS company in North America.
  • The company released the first Korean compound drug, called “Zemirou.”
  • They were named the 12th most “green” electronics manufacturer in Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics.
  • LG introduced two robots made for use in airports, one to provides assistance to passengers, and another that cleans the airport terminal floor.


  • LG created the world’s first 88-inch, 8k OLED display.
  • The company signed a multi-year partnership agreement with the Texas Rangers and the LG Twins.


  • LG built a washing machine factory in the United States in Tennessee and an OLED factory in Guangzhou, China


  • LG won first place in the world’s top artificial intelligence contest.
  • The company created and launched the world’s first rolling television.


  • LG announced that it was exiting the smartphone market.


  • LG generated $67 billion in revenue.
  • Its home entertainment sector generated $12 billion.
  • The Home Appliance & Air sector generated $24 billion.
  • The company signed an Art & Tech Partnership with the world-renowned Guggenheim Museum.


  • LG’s OLED television spent its 10th consecutive year as #1.
  • The company created the world’s first wireless OLED television and launched the first foldable laptop in Korea.

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