Get Up to $10,000 Back On Your Ductless Heat Pump with Mass Save® Rebates

Over $1 Million awarded to our customers this year – and counting!

Upgrading to energy-efficient ductless heating and cooling has never been more affordable thanks to the Mass Save rebate program. Now is a great time to make the switch so you can enjoy the many benefits of mini split comfort, like:

. . . and more.

Plus, there’s no cap on income-eligible rebatessave up to 80% of the total cost of your new system

Homeowners who are income-eligible can save even more on their ductless mini split. Qualifying recipients can receive a rebate for up to 80% of the entire cost of the installation.

We’ve never had a rebate denied!

To receive a standard Mass Save rebate in 2024, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Equipment must be purchased and installed between January 1 and December 31, 2024.
  • Equipment must be installed in a residential home with no more than 4 units.
  • Equipment must be installed by a licensed contractor and a member of the Mass Save® Heat Pump Installer Network.
  • Equipment must supplement or replace oil, propane, or electric baseboard resistance as a primary heating system.
  • You must occupy the property where the heat pump will be installed full-time during the winter heating season.
  • If the system partially replaces oil or propane heat, integrated controls are required.
  • If the system entirely replaces a pre-existing heating system, a Whole-Home Heat Pump Verification Form must be completed and signed.
  • The rebate form must be filled out completely, accompanied by dated invoices, and received by a Mass Save representative no more than 60 days after installation.

To receive an enhanced rebate, applicants must also fall within the following income brackets:

Number of Family Members Income Limit
1 $54,601 or less
2 $53,552 – $71,401
3 $66,152 – $88,201
4 $78,752 – $105,001
5 $91,352 – $121,802
6 $103,952 – $138,602

Unfortunately, applicants with existing natural gas systems are not eligible to receive enhanced rebates, even if they meet income qualifications.

After installation, you may be required to complete an inspection by Mass Save® to finish qualifying for your rebate.

What Is the Mass Save® Rebate Program?

The Mass Save® rebate incentive is a program designed to help electrify heating in Massachusetts and reduce the Commonwealth’s reliance on fossil fuels. By offering significant savings on new ductless installations and home weatherization, the program helps people like you make the switch.

LISTEN NOW: Jared Grier, owner of Cape Cod Heat Pumps, talks Mass Save® Rebates for 2024

How Much Can You Really Save?

This year, Massachusetts is more motivated than ever to reach a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030. Available rebates are substantial for qualifying customers:

  • Standard new heat pump installation — $10,000
  • Income-eligible homeowners on Cape Cod — up to 80% of the total project cost
  • Income-eligible homeowners outside of Cape Cod — up to $16,000
  • Partial home rebates — $1,250 per ton
  • 25C Heat Pump Tax Credit – reduce your federal income tax by 30% of your installation costs, up to $2000

How to Get Your Rebate

Cape Cod Heat Pumps makes getting your Mass Save® rebate easier than ever with our 5 step process:

1. Obtain Your Free Mass Save® Home Energy Assessment

The first step to obtaining your rebate is to schedule a home energy assessment with a licensed contractor and Mass Save® Heat Pump Installer. The consultant you choose will begin by auditing your home’s energy efficiency and determining what improvements you could make to lower your heating and cooling costs.

During your assessment, you’ll learn where energy is being wasted, how much energy you use on a daily basis, where there are drafty areas, and if there are any hot or cold spots. Someone over the age of 18 needs to be present at the time of your assessment, but you won’t want to miss the opportunity to discover more about your space and ask your contractor questions as you think of them.

Then, you’ll receive a detailed report of these changes and a list of rebates you qualify for. This data is used to create your custom comfort plan.

2. Get a Heat Pump Estimate

Almost always, installing a ductless system can drastically reduce your energy bills and reliance on fossil fuels. At Cape Cod Heat Pumps, within 48-72 hours of your initial appointment we can provide you with a proposal for the right system for your home, taking into consideration rebates and zero-interest heat loans, so you’ll know your out-of-pocket costs.

3. Schedule and Complete Your Mini Split Installation

Once you receive your estimate and get answers to all of your important questions, you can schedule a time for your new mini split to be installed. Our team gathers all of the necessary equipment for your specific service prior to your installation, so we know we can get the job done right when we arrive.

We also do a “PII” (Pre-installation Inspection), where our owner comes out to review the project with the customer to review everything one last time, go over placement of indoor and outdoor equipment, get a full stock list, and answer any last minute questions.

After your service is completed, we go over the features of your new ductless system and make sure you know how everything works before we leave.

4. We Submit Your Rebate Paperwork

The next step is to submit your rebate paperwork. Cape Cod Heat Pumps does that for you, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle and headache of making sure everything is documented properly or sending it to the correct address.

We also register all equipment warranties with the manufacturer, so you can be assured that you’re getting the full manufacturer warranty.

5. Enjoy Your Energy Savings

With your new mini split installed, you can personalize your comfort and enjoy cost-effective, environmentally-friendly heating and cooling throughout your space. And with proper maintenance, your system should last 15 to 20 years – or more.

Consider joining our Cape Care Maintenance Plan, to proactively prevent problems from arising, and keep your costs regular and manageable.

Why Customers Choose Cape Cod Heat Pumps

As a leader in heat pump installation and service on Cape Cod, homeowners can be confident that we’ll help you find the perfect system for your unique needs. Your 100% satisfaction is our priority and we’re proud to be a local Mass Save rebate provider. Here’s why our customers love working with Cape Cod Heat Pumps:

  • Google Guaranteed Service Provider
  • 20+ years of HVAC experience
  • Based out of Marston Mills
  • 200+ 5 star Google reviews
  • A+ BBB rating

Feel free to reach out to our office for answers to your important questions:

Phone: 508-833-4822

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We would love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Mass Save® Rebate Program

How long will it take to get my rebate?

To simplify the process for you, and to ensure your it is submitted accurately, we take care of submitting the rebate on your behalf.  From that point it’s up to the Mass Save rebate processor to complete their internal steps before they cut a check.  They currently state that “customers typically receive an incentive check within 10–12 weeks,” although wait times have sometimes been much shorter, and sometimes longer.  But rest assured, we’ll be there to assist if you run into delays or questions you can’t answer.

How is the program funded?

The Mass Save® rebate program is funded by Massachusetts businesses and residents who pay a small fee on their utility bill. This money is then pooled together and distributed to qualifying new ductless owners.

Do I have to disconnect my existing heating system?

Yes. To qualify for 2024 Mass Save® rebates, homeowners must disconnect their existing heating system in some way. This is the first year that the program requires rebate recipients to disable their systems and aims to prevent people from continuing to use fossil fuels.

Helpful Resources

Here are links to some helpful resources from Mass Save to help you decide if the rebate program is right for you:

Verify Your Income

Find out if you are pre-qualified to receive an enhanced rebate based on income eligibility here:

Just create an account and answer a few simple questions to see if you can get additional benefits for your new ductless system.

Compare Costs

Compare the cost of your current heating and cooling to how much you could save by switching to a mini split heat pump. Plus, find out how much ductless can reduce your carbon emissions.

Click here:

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