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Keeping a home comfortable in the cold weather, and doing it in a financially efficient way, is more than a small challenge—particularly during our New England winters when the winds come blowing in off the ocean. The Department of Energy reports that heating a home will add up to almost one-third of the average utility bill. There are several viable options for delivering heat, and our Cape Cod hybrid HVAC solutions are one of them.

Cape Cod Heat Pumps has been serving the local community since 2016 and our techs have decades of experience advising homeowners on how to keep their house warm, their costs manageable, and to do it all in an eco-friendly way.

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How Cape Cod Dual Fuel Heat Pumps Work

The hybrid system can also be referred to as a dual-fuel heat pump. This is because it combines two different fuel sources to provide efficient and cost-effective heating.

The hybrid system is typically composed of an electric heat pump and a propane or natural gas furnace. The heat pump uses electricity to extract heat from the air outside and transfer it into the home, while the furnace uses propane or natural gas to provide backup heating when temperatures drop too low for the heat pump to operate efficiently.

Dual-fuel heat pumps are designed to optimize energy efficiency and reduce heating costs while also being environmentally conscious. The use of electric heat pumps helps to reduce carbon emissions, which helps minimize the impact on the environment. When temperatures drop too low for the electric heat pump to operate efficiently, the backup furnace takes over to ensure consistent and reliable heating.

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The Advantages of Cape Cod Hybrid HVAC

One of the major benefits of a dual-fuel heat pump system is its versatility. It can function in both heating and cooling modes, providing year-round comfort. What’s more, the backup furnace only operates when necessary, reducing the overall energy consumption of the system and lowering energy bills.

Hybrid systems offer several advantages over traditional single-source systems such as increased efficiency and lower energy bills. By combining two or more sources, you can take advantage of different types of energy sources depending on your needs and budget while still enjoying consistent comfort throughout your home year-round. Furthermore, since each component works independently from one another, if one fails you will still have a backup source available, so you won’t be left without any form of heating during cold winter months.

When compared to traditional heating systems, dual-fuel heat pumps are often more energy-efficient and cost-effective, making them a popular choice for homeowners and businesses looking for an eco-friendly heating solution.

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Our hybrid home heating systems are a great way to keep your home cozy on a winter day, comfortable in the summer, and cost-effective year-round. What’s more, your efficient use of energy will be good for the environment. Cape Cod Heat Pumps can work with you to determine whether this type of system is best for your home, and then deliver a dependable installation job.

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