March 2024 Quarterly Newsletter

In this Issue:

  • Get big benefits from our new Cape Care Maintenance Plan
  • Spring tips for getting the most from your system
  • New Services for 2024 and beyond
  • Rewards for your referrals

This year we are offering even more ways to care for your system.


Our commitment to “redefining comfort” on Cape Cod led to many more happy customers in 2023. It also guided our growth, as you’ll see below.


Customers love our Cape Care maintenance plan! This plan provides our customers with one annual maintenance of their equipment, extended warranty protection,* priority and emergency service scheduling, and year-round savings on service calls and repair parts.

Plan membership doesn’t cost any more than the charge for annual maintenance service; the monthly fee is exactly 1/12 of what we used to charge in a single lump sum. Important to note that ONLY customers enrolled in the plan receive the service call discount, priority scheduling, and emergency weekend service calls if needed, so be sure to sign up by June 1st to get these benefits at no extra charge!

Learn more and schedule today!

* For customers who schedule maintenance around the first anniversary of their installation, the labor warranty is extended to a second year.


After years of exciting growth, this year Cape Cod Heat Pumps is proud to announce our new Electrical Division, offering full home and commercial electrical services. Our in-house electricians not only take care of the electrical side of HVAC installations, but are also available to help with other projects on your list! From wiring to replacing electrical panels, hanging fixtures to replacing switches, we’re happy to get the job done for you. (Just one thing – we don’t install or maintain standby generators.) If your to-do list is growing because you’ve been looking for a qualified, local master electrician, please call us at (508) 833-4822 today!



If you aren’t using your HVAC system for an extended period, you may be tempted to cover the outdoor compressor, especially during the winter. But in fact covering it is not recommended – for many reasons! AC units are designed to hold up to the elements, including snow and ice. And covering the compressor can trap moisture inside, leading to the growth of mold and mildew. Finally, putting a cover over the unit creates a more comfortable environment for mice, which are among the biggest troublemakers for HVAC systems. At Cape Cod Heat Pumps we strongly recommend you let your system go “au naturel.”



Referrals are our best advertising, and it means so much to us when one of our customers tells their friends or family members to give us a call.

To show our appreciation when you send a new customer our way, we’ll send you a $50.00 gift card! Just tell them to mention your name and that you referred them to us.

Thank you for your support!



Here’s your Mass Save “tip of the day” to maximize your savings:

Set it and forget it!

If your heat pump has a variable-speed condenser, set the mini-split to “heat” or “cool” at a temperature comfortable to you and leave it in auto mode. Once it’s set, there’s no need to make further temperature adjustments.

Unlike other more traditional heating systems, mini-split heat pumps don’t require temperature setbacks to operate efficiently. Simply let the equipment do the rest.