Indoor Air Quality

A comfortable home is not just about the right temperature. Quality air is clean and well-conditioned no matter the climate. Homes require the right balance of humidity, ventilation, and purification to ensure that your family is breathing healthy air, free from contaminants.

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Trane CleanEffects™ has been tested and verified by the Harvard School of Public Health


Our technology operates quietly in the background, never disturbing family time.


Our installation process is efficient, and non-obtrusive


Just the right amount of humidity is good for your home and your health. It can keep away certain airborne viruses, help with respiratory problems, protect valuables like furniture & floors, and make you feel warmer in the winter.

Purify Your Home

Purifying your air is a no-brainer. Your home traps bacteria, pollutants, and allergy-inducing particles throughout the course of the year. Adding air filtration can reduce these helping keep you & your family healthier, and it means less dusting!


Too much humidity in your home can promote mold, mildew, and dust mites that eventually contaminate the air your family is breathing and can cause damage to your home & health.

Temperature Controlled Zones

Homes often have rooms that are too hot in the summer, and too cold in the winter. Our temperature controlled zoning technology reduces energy costs by ensuring that the tricky areas of your home are well regulated throughout the year.


Proper ventilation is critical to a home’s overall air quality. By pushing old air out of the house and bringing clean air in, we are ensuring that pollutants are flushed out, the humidity is controlled, keeping the air fresh without opening windows.