Cape Care Maintenance Plan

Our Cape Care maintenance plan provides members worry-free preventive maintenance of their heating and cooling investment.  Cape Care members enjoy these benefits:

One Maintenance Service Performed on your System Annually:  See the checklist below for details of what the technician will do.

Labor Warranty Extended to Two Years:  When you have your system maintained after the first year, your one-year labor warranty is extended for a second year. You’re doing your part to take care of your system, so we’ll stand behind it twice as long for even more peace of mind.

Compliance with Manufacturer’s Warranty:  Most manufacturers stipulate that regular maintenance of your system is required to maintain your equipment & parts warranty. Annual maintenance fulfills this requirement and ensures your full warranty benefits.

Priority Workday Service Call Scheduling:  Customers who maintain their systems deserve our highest level of attention when things go wrong.  If a service tech visit is needed, our maintenance plan customers are scheduled first during our normal work week service hours.

Emergency Service Call Scheduling:  We offer weekend emergency service calls ONLY to our maintenance plan customers. If problems occur outside of normal business hours we will be there to help.

10% Service Call Discount:  Save 10% on all service call labor and parts throughout the year. With regular maintenance you minimize the chance of things going wrong. But if they do, you’ll save money as a program participant.

Convenient Monthly Payments:  Instead of a single, larger payment at the time of each service, all payments will be charged monthly throughout the year. This makes taking care of your system more manageable from a budgeting standpoint. Monthly billing will begin after your next scheduled maintenance.  Essentially this is prepaying for your next year’s maintenance, while providing benefits throughout the year.

Longevity and Efficiency:  A proper tune-up helps counteract wear and tear so that your system can last longer. Maintenance is also a great way to boost your system’s performance and energy efficiency. In fact, the The Department of Energy estimates that regular tune-ups can make your heat pump operate 10% to 25% more efficiently. As a result, you can experience:

  • Lower energy bills each month
  • Money savings by avoiding costly heat pump repairs or replacement
  • A more comfortable home throughout the winter and summer months
  • Peace of mind, knowing that your system is less likely to experience a problem in the heat of summer or the dead of winter

A thorough inspection:  Our maintenance technicians go through a detailed checklist for your specific equipment, but the list includes most of the following steps:

  • Clean and/or replace filters (additional charge for 5” AprilAire filters)
  • Clean indoor coils
  • Drain pan tablets
  • Test drain or pump
  • Check that blower wheel is spinning freely, and clean as needed
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Clean outdoor coils
  • Check and clean condensate pump as necessary
  • Clean debris inside the condenser
  • Clean condenser fan blade
  • Check the control section/compressor section
  • Test capacitor in conventional systems
  • Re-install disconnect
  • Test coil Delta T
  • Clean flame sensor
  • Check inducer tubing
  • Clean face of burners
  • Inspect intake and exhaust, clear of debris
  • Check the operation of safeties
  • Check for signs of mice
  • Test all equipment

What time of year is best for a maintenance visit?  Generally we recommend this work be done anytime April – October, typically around the anniversary date of your installation. We avoid scheduling in the winter months because we need to spray liquid on the coils to clean them, and this shouldn’t happen when there’s a risk of freezing temperatures overnight. If your system was installed in the winter, we’d suggest you schedule maintenance for late the next fall.

Is this the same as a service plan?   Maintenance and (repair) service are different.  The Cape Care plan covers preventive maintenance of your system, keeping your equipment in tip-top shape, maximizing its lifespan, ensuring that it runs quietly and efficiently, and removing mold and allergens from the indoor units.  Service calls for troubleshooting or repair are not included, and are charged separately if needed.  But Cape Care members receive a service call discount of 10%, and priority service call scheduling (including weekends) if repairs are necessary.

How do I sign up for the maintenance plan?  To join the Cape Care plan and schedule your next visit, please email, or call the office at 508-833-4822.