What is Strategic Electrification?

We couldn’t live without electricity in our homes. Almost everything we do today is powered from central power plants. These have long been powered by fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. But, power generation is becoming much cleaner, shifting towards renewable resources.

With renewable energy such as solar and wind becoming more prevalent, the greenhouse gas emissions in the United States are down twenty-seven percent from 2007, which was an all-time high. This number is expected to drop even more! That’s because over a dozen states and over 200 cities and counties in the U.S. have committed themselves to one hundred percent clean energy by 2050.

In strategic electrification, anything using fossil fuels is switched to an electric source if a net benefit is gained. Benefits could be anything from saving money on a monthly bill, increasing health and safety, or even a higher level of convenience for the consumer. 

Strategic Electrification In The Home

Homeowners may utilize strategic electrification in several ways. A heat pump can provide heat to the home via electricity, rather than using fossil fuels like natural gas or oil. This greener option can save both money and resources over time. It also requires less maintenance. 

Another way homeowners use this method is to switch out landscaping equipment. Lawnmowers, leaf blowers, edgers, and more sometimes run on fuel. Choosing options powered by electricity instead can be much more convenient and cost-effective.  

Why Use Strategic Electrification

When these options are chosen in place of fossil fuel options, this can drastically cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. This is very beneficial to the environment. Homeowners looking to cut some spending in their budget will also appreciate the savings over time. In addition, electric options are often more convenient overall. This is because refilling fossil fuels is no longer necessary. When everything is electric, it can simply just be used without having to think about whether the fuel source is empty. Less money will be spent since it is unnecessary to purchase that fuel. 

When considering convenience, in addition to cost-effectiveness and the health of the planet, it makes sense that more homeowners are making the switch. Fossil fuel options often become less desirable than electric ones as technology advances to make strategic electrification more readily available. Some options, such as lawn equipment can be switched by simply purchasing electric tools. A heat pump can be installed simply by calling an expert installer, such as Cape Cod Heat Pumps.