How to Clean the Filter on an LG AC

If you’re not thinking about the quality of your indoor air, you should be. LG and Cape Cod Heat Pumps do. That’s because on average, people spend about 90% of their total time indoors, according to the American Lung Association. The Association also reports that airborne particle pollution is linked to lung cancer — meaning that the air you’re breathing inside your home, business, and even your vehicle matters.

A critical component of your indoor air quality is your HVAC system, and more specifically, the filters that keep dirt, dust, and other fine particles from circulating indoors. Keeping your unit sanitary plays a key role in this process. Here’s how to clean the filter on an LG AC and how our licensed professionals can help.

Turn Off the Air Conditioner

First and foremost, you’ll need to turn the power off to your ductless unit. You should never do any work on your LG AC while the electricity is still engaged.

At minimum, unplug the system from the power outlet. However, you may even want to shut off the breaker to your ductless unit while doing any maintenance on your system, just so you can be certain that no power can reach the unit while your hands might be inside. This is especially important if you will be cleaning the coils or using water anywhere near or around the unit.

Remove Your Air Filters

LG mini splits are designed with easy-access filters that can be easily removed from the top of the unit and don’t require you to open the cassette or reach into the unit. The filters should come out easily and without force. If you have trouble sliding the filters out, it’s best to call a professional for help rather than pull against any resistance.

Gently Clean the Filters

Next, it’s time to clean the filters themselves. Depending on how dirty they are, you can do this any number of ways. You could:

  • Rinse your filters with hot water using the spray nozzle on your sink
  • Use a shop vac to suck dirt and hair away from the filter
  • Use a soft brush or lightweight sponge to gently scrub the dirt away

If using a detergent, make sure that it is mild and low sudsing and use a small amount. If dirt or grime is stuck to your filters, avoid scrubbing too aggressively to get it off. This could cause damage to the filter itself and result in the need to have it replaced.

Once your filters are clean, they should be allowed to dry completely before they are put back into your unit. You’ll just need to look for the channels that the filter came out of and slide it up to its original place. It may or may not click into its initial position.

LG ThinQ Smart Filter Management


If you have an LG AC with ThinQ app capabilities, you can use the smart filter management feature to know when it’s time to clean and replace your filters. The app shows what percentage of your filter has been used, how much is left, and about how many hours this translates to. This makes it more convenient than ever to track filter usage and to optimize your indoor air quality.

Let Cape Cod Heat Pumps Help

When there’s not enough time in the day to clean your filters, or you just want to work with a professional to make sure the job gets done right, Cape Cod Heat Pumps is here to help. We specialize in LG AC systems and can help you keep your ductless system clean and maintained, so you never have to worry about air quality problems in your home or business.

Contact us today to learn more by calling 508-833-4822, or fill out our short contact form and our team will reach out to you when it’s most convenient. We look forward to making your heating and cooling experience great.