COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Customers – Family – and Friends,

We hope this announcements finds everyone safe and well. On March 24th, we announced the closure of our installation department, and we had planned on opening back up based on local and state guidelines on April 4th. Unfortunately, the spread of COVID-19 continued to grow, and from all evidence we are currently in the “surge” of cases, and it was necessary to delay the re-opening of our installation department.

On April 27th we plan on slowly and safely returning to work. We will be starting with our new construction and renovation work, where contact with other will be minimal. This work should take us into the beginning to middle of May. It is our hope that by mid-May, we will be on the back side of the outbreak, and cases will start to decline. It is at this point that we will start our work for homeowners.

CCHP will be implementing new guidelines for both our customers and employees moving forward for the near future. We will ask all of our customers and employees to please adhere to our guidelines which are modeled around the CDC recommendations:

  • All employees will have their temperature taken before starting work each day and will be sent home if they show any sign of a fever or are feeling ill in any way.
  • All of our employees will be given gloves, facemasks, disinfectant cleaner, and hand sanitizer.
  • All our employees will be assigned one person to a work vehicle.
  • All of our employees will be encouraged to bring lunch from home and use their own tools while at work.
  • We ask that employees, customers, and sub-contractors all stay at least 6’ apart while working.
  • We ask our customers to please avoid contact with our employees, when possible we will ask customers to not be present while we are working. We still plan on doing walk throughs at the beginning and end of projects with the customer.
  • We ask customers to let us know if anyone is feeling ill or if they have been in contact with anyone who has.
  • While on any in-home consultation or service work, all employees will be wearing gloves and masks.
  • When possible, we ask customers to pay their invoices online.
  • We will dispose of any excess material or trash from the job site.

We appreciate all of our customers helping us adhere to these guidelines. We also ask customers to be as flexible as possible moving forward, as this is still an ever evolving and changing situation. While we know this virus is still with us and will be for the foreseeable future, we do believe it is safe to return to work with the above guidelines and procedures.

CCHP again appreciates everyone understanding and patience, we will get through this together as one, and will continue to communicate with our customers and employees moving forward. Stay safe and stay well.

Jared Grier
Cape Cod Heat Pumps