Last Call for Gas Furnace Rebates

Since 2008 Mass Save has been providing rebates as an incentive to make homes and commercial buildings more energy-efficient.  One of the rebate program’s primary goals has been to convert one million households from fossil fuels to electricity by the end of this decade.  The grid is increasingly powered by renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, making it the far greener option when compared to having millions of homeowners burn fossil fuels in their homes to generate heat.

Fossil Fuel Rebates Expiring August 31st, 2024

Transitioning the majority of homes to electric heat pumps is the ultimate goal, so rebates for modern (and more efficient) oil and gas furnaces have gradually been reduced.  Currently, efficient hot air furnaces with ECM (electronically communicated motors) qualify for rebates of  $200 in most cases.  In some instances, the rebates could be up to $700.  See the Mass Save 2024 rebate matrix for details here.  But with the exception of low-income homeowners, those rebates end this summer. In April Mass Save announced that “eligible residential natural gas, oil and propane space and water heating equipment must be purchased and installed by August 31, 2024, and all necessary documentation submitted by September 30, 2024, to receive a rebate.”

At Cape Cod Heat Pumps we support the goal of electrification – we’ve built much of our business on it – but we understand that heat pumps aren’t always the perfect solution for everyone or in every case.  So if a new gas furnace (we don’t install oil-burning furnaces or boilers) is right for you, there is still time to get equipment ordered and installed before the end-of-August deadline.  But that window is closing quickly.   Like most HVAC installers on the Cape, our installation schedule has been filling up as the cooling season approaches.

As a Mass Save Installation Partner, we can install qualifying equipment, and submit the rebate paperwork on your behalf to meet the deadline.  If this is the time for a new gas furnace, call now to schedule an in-home consultation, and take advantage of the rebates while they last!