How to Maximize Your Summer AC Energy Efficiency

With summers getting hotter and hotter, optimizing the amount of energy your air conditioner uses and maximizing its cooling capabilities becomes crucial.

Keep reading to explore easy, actionable tips that you can use right now to improve your summer AC energy efficiency and how Cape Cod Heat Pumps can help you keep your space cool and comfortable even on the hottest days.

Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a great way to take control over your interior comfort and save money on your energy bills. Instead of having to adjust your thermostat manually, you can make changes to your system from any location using just your mobile device.

For example, you can set a lower temperature at night or when you’re away from home during the winter to save money on cold weather heating bills or manage your filter use and get data on when it’s time to clean or replace it.

Change Your Filters More Often

Speaking of changing your filters, doing this often can help promote healthy airflow and prevent dirt and debris from accumulating on the delicate components inside your HVAC system. This is especially true for individuals with allergies or who have animals that shed since pet hair can quickly build up and block air from being able to pass through.

Cleaning or replacing your filter every month depending on what kind you have can improve the function of your system and boost its efficiency.

Use Your Ceiling Fans Correctly

Ceiling fans can help your air conditioner operate efficiently. When spinning counterclockwise, ceiling fans produce a cooling downdraft that can make you feel more comfortable even when your thermostat is at a higher setting.

That said, ceiling fans don’t necessarily help cool rooms according to the Department of Energy. They help keep people more comfortable, but when there’s no one in a room, the fan just uses energy and doesn’t reduce the temperature of your space. Turn ceiling fans off when you leave an area to reduce energy bills and wear and tear on your fans.

Close Your Blinds During the Day

Summer might seem like a great time to open your blinds and let natural light in, but this can actually raise the temperature in your home. This is because your windows act like a magnifying glass when the sun shines through, which generates more heat inside your space that your air conditioner will have to cool.  Instead, close your blinds during the day when it’s hot outside or when the sun is shining in your windows to keep the heat out.

Keep Your AC Clean

A dirty air conditioner can’t keep your space as cool as a clean one, regardless of how new or sophisticated your equipment is. To make sure your AC runs as efficiently as possible and creates the most cool air for the power it uses, you should clean the filters regularly to remove dirt, pet hair, and harmful microscopic compounds.  Schedule annual maintenance, which includes a deep cleaning of the equipment to keep it operating smoothly and efficiently.

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